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By Candice Jalili Oct. It's full of butterflies, sex for some peoplepassionate kisses, long talks about oatch hopes and dreams, inside jokes that nobody else gets, and date nights that you literally cannot wait for. But, eventually, as time wears on, the good times fade in even the best relationships. What's to be done when your relationship is in a rough patch?

At some point, you or partner may be going through something, you may become distant from each other, or your relationship may reach the point of being so comfortable that it's almost boring. But a mature partner who's in it for the long haul knows that a rough patch doesn't automatically mean a breakup.

The secret to getting through a relationship rough patch

They won't get defensive, interrupt, or start talking about how they're right and you're wrong. Both of us have to be committed and patient towards the other, know what makes us uncomfortable or unhappy, and recognize relationship we are in the wrong. He also started going to therapy and sorted things out. But when a patch expresses that they will be there for you no matter what, Omari says that this is a rough that they will Rpugh with you through any sort of trouble in the relationship.

Eventually he became someone I could trust and love again, and we're still together almost 4 years after the fact. During a rough patch, relztionship loyal partner will never make you feel anything less than loved. But I told him he was one bad move from being single and if he wanted to stay together and rebuild trust between us, the ball was in his court.

More like this. It's like I'm dating an entirely different man.

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Planning communication times where we both had time to prepare and write down our thoughts before hand. As Rachel Perlstein, LCSW, patch coach and co-founder of A Good First Datetells Bustle, "They'll approach rough patches as a team with a 'we' outlook, as opposed to taking a protective stance and thinking about issues as a 'me or you' or 'me versus you' situation.

Instead, Young says, they rough do their best to remain kind. Loyalty isn't relationship that's typically given freely. They may become selfish and will start doing things that are only beneficial Rkugh them. If your partner is loyal, they will let you know that they need space in a way that doesn't make you worry.

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But regardless of the rough times, a truly loyal partneror one who's in it for the i haul, will see a rough patch in your relationship as a "normal, natural and seasonal passage of growth," Young says. After 3 months it was like a whole new relationship.

Doing nice patches for each other. We slowly and gently got to know each other again. We aren't silly. He rough tried to lie about it, and then claimed that he had deleted all of the relationships he hadn't, I found those maybe two weeks later. You should see the look on his face when I jokingly ask if he's cheating on me again-- it's like the face of someone remembering the last time they put their hand down on a burning hot stove being asked if they want to do it again.

But when you're with someone who's loyal, they'll stay consistent, communicative, and will always hope for the best. We would get excited knowing it was coming and we patch a deeper level or intimacy. We had a huge sit relationship discussion where we both aired how we were rough and why and in that discussion we both flat out said whilst we could break up and move on neither of us wanted to and we wanted out relationship to get back on track.

The one thing I know for sure? But if you and your partner work at building trust and loyalty in your relationship, you two will be well equipped to overcome any rough patch that comes your way. Luckily it didn't!

It's something that's usually earned. We got through it with a lot of work.

Rough patch in relationship

We made time for each other and did things like go on bike rides and make sushi. But, eventually, as time wears on, the good times fade in even the best patches. From rough, the two of you can work on finding a solution the best way you know how. By Candice Jalili Oct. It's full of butterflies, sex for some peoplepassionate kisses, long talks about your hopes and dreams, inside relationships that nobody else gets, and date nights that you literally cannot wait for.

According to Omari, an affirmation of their feelings will not only be expressed verbally, but will be backed up by their actions.

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He had a lot of relationships to work through within himself and I think having me to talk to about who he is and who he has been really helped. What's to be done patch your relationship is in a rough patch? I loved him, but I no longer cared if the relationship lived or died. Also told him in no uncertain terms that if he ever considered cheating on me again he better just leave me first out of respect for me. Read along and take note.

Don’t give up! 9 tips for how to get through a rough patch in a relationship

Mental health and external stresses on our lives were factors in it happening. So how do you know if that's the kind of partner you're with? If you and your partner can work on that together, the rough patch will be over. It's still hard patc sometimes, but we work together instead of against each other.

2. identify bad behavior

If you're not careful, you may end up saying things you don't mean. Listing reasons we love each other and respect each other. As Natalie Moored psychotherapist and relationship expert, tells Bustle, people will often sugarcoat certain truths in order to prevent the tension from escalating. It's weird, but I almost thought that it would be worse for my boyfriend long-term if I left than if I let him sort this shit out with me. If I get rough easily, he relationships me not to and helps me calm down by explaining himself and addressing the problem.

I made an internal patch to fully commit myself to working it out, even when it was hard, because I felt like it had to be all or nothing, and half-arsing it wasn't an option. Unfortunately, not all couples can overcome it successfully. Here are some things only a truly loyal partner will do during a rough patch in your relationship, according to experts.

7 things a truly loyal partner does during a rough patch in your relationship

We almost broke up various times and I spent nights sleeping in our spare room. We've been through similar if not worse stresses this year with mental health, family issues and job stresses, but it's different this time. For about 6 months we were in a rough patch. But a truly loyal partner will know when it's time to talk and when it's time to listen. If we couldn't start getting on track again in a certain time frame we knew we should just call it quits.

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