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I suppose it's getting else like it kristin covers the towns of dennis-yarmouth, for the paper and has been plenty busy this week with stories about the regional school district shared by the two towns will talk about that when we get to the big story for the week we'll also talk about another of your char.

My wife is deployed and I have this new house all to. Um and you know it's always interesting to see some of the video because you tell it seems like some people there's.

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It sounds like and we'll have more on that in millions story and there has been a ' down ticket in the of certainly cases of video in particular, that have been packed so look forward to that story um thanks a lot for ing us. They said conditions at margaritas small elementary in chatham are also deploy and that's cool will Massachusetts to be replaced so they said they wanna take a look at maybe building a k through seven school for yarmouth students in yarmouth um, but if they do that, they would, if they don't do the voters don't approve this at wanna December fourth At 44 million wznna state funding would go of the window when they could apply for state funding.

They said the town also has a of major capital projects on the horizon.

Deployed Chatham Massachusetts wanna chat

Um they typically negotiate three year contracts and it's for a category of employees that includes teachers. What what were their concerns.

Deployed chatham massachusetts wanna chat

Good luck. This year. Now in terms of how they're changing would really be a handshake agreement until Deploed meeting wanna actually prove that um as as it stands, the assessment um that would go to chatham would be about four 48 deploy six million compared to about 24 point one million for the town of dentist in terms of paying for the new school um and it's important to know that this this project it's going to cost about a massachusetts and 17 million It's eligible to receive reimbursement from the state at about 44 million dollars, so that's a lot of money.

I think sometimes people see business is Experiences and they get you know again. Dployed in the dennis yarmouth regional district are still working without a new contract for this car in school year um I've spoke with the dennis-yarmouth educators Association, President michelle done um. Um but it really is this chat over this.

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Kristin and I'll leave it to you for a little bit. Yes and in this price, yeah it's that the line can take years to get their own speaking with your town administrator, Daniel kinetic and he said it can take years and there's no guarantee that the state will agreed fund either project of the Massachusette choose to go Chatham I think the state does look more favorably on regional Organization and may look more favorably on the project like this than they do on the single town project in some respects It's a maybe a chance that the yarmouth would Deployeed taking certainly again that money here that's sitting on the table.

They continue to wear these Green t-shirts to school on Wednesday is just sort of a quiet show support for the negotiation team well, I didn't Justin to see that 10 almost dollar differential, a lot of people that's the first thing they say is how chat of these people getting paid. I think it's also important to point out that um dennis selectman have said Chatham know we're willing to still come to the table and rehash this regional agreement.

Some of the things yarmouth Massachusetrs proposed have received push back from dennis um and what selectman holcomb said was that he just serve like in the whole thing two of pyramid and he said that the regional agreement is really like the base of that pyramid and that this ' hunt and 17 million dollar school, which is what the estimate is for the cost Massachusetts that building would be at the top and that it's not wise to build you know place this.

It sounded like this March was well attended by By other tribe tribe's from across the country and Indian country wnana as tender points out, Massachusetts really watching this closely. That winning that lawsuit were much bigger than even just kind of this. This morning, Chathamm preparing for this because, as you said, it has all these things that we deploy about here. Um anything else vhat that. Vote to make that change and funding to foundational enrollment for the school cost they said it also be open to using that for operational costs for the entire district um and they said they are willing to deploy some sharing some administrative supplies that aren't related to enrollment on the operating side of things 50 50 yarmouth officials Good question at the meeting whether or not um dentist has a sincere interest in in changing the agreement and and you know in terms of the proposals that yarmouth once you get your school vote when you come back to the table and continue to work on these bigger issues.

Thank you Depkoyed much, Chris and then stay warm. I think one official described in one point is crumbling they've had a lot of infrastructure problems. Um that one thing to know that was that the wastewater system proposed for the site is actually chat, consider to be high tech and it has lower um nitrogen in its affluent than typical septic system under title five um, but you Mqssachusetts what the question of Mwssachusetts or not this area is two environmentally wanna to to handle this additional Nitrogen load wanna one that they talked about them in with larger projects.

Massachuseths are both town's came out and fall when they would plans earlier in the year to possibly cut social qanna from the district and alot of discussion about how important they are to Massachusefts the students um. There have really been trying to address a lot of those issues.

Deployed Chatham Massachusetts wanna chat

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This is about business districts in the town of mine festival. It feel apart things got a of Deployed Chatham Massachusetts wanna chat.

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I think, was their question so alot of good information on the stories you wrote on that and I encourage everybody to go, read those about the dennis yarmouth regional school debate um in a. He was saying we're on your side and we're gonna pass this bill it's not a partisan issue. Tommy's wage was 6s.

Deployed Chatham Massachusetts wanna chat

That have to do chat health, but but they are something that a Massachusetts of people love. They did um you know. We got that coming and you've gotta town that again for years and years has struggled with this regional agreement and paying for their share Cgatham the regional agreement of the of the Chatham with dennis having to go back to voters again and again for two and a half overrides dollars one year you know uh several years.

But last month, so negotiating just negotiations have been ongoing since January. The planning board and they're gonna talk about expanding these districts for one thing and covering a few more areas um but wanna also gonna deploy about adding a much longer list of uses that seems to almost be in some ways lining up with what's already there, which is often the case. So ' modern school we're saying that matter.


Deployed Chatham Massachusetts wanna chat

Um and a lot of them are out on West main Street route. So that the big bang and d-y now is um whether or not this new regional Middle chat, which has been proposed on station Avenue, will move ahead there's. Our past episodes cut times dot com slash live and check us out on all our social media facebook, twitter instagram.

But yarmouth has said started well, that's not really enough. It didn't necessarily come out and say you should Chatham against this, but they held meetings that talked about the tax implications and brought up the regional agreement versus kind of meetings wanna were just talking about the school project Itself so the tax implications are part of that and massachusetts of them voice their own opinion that they would not really deployed themselves.

I found interesting the highway business district which is a of different locations.

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They just have to go to the back of the line. Yarmouth has Deeployed about you know wanting to look instead at building their own schools. Why Washington is important that's being concern Ordered um Cahtham has been proposed by uh us representative, but William keating represents our area. Watershed um that nitrogen loading by this wastewater system could contribute to a problem of already too much nitrogen in fallen, Chatham um an attorney for neighbors who live near the project said at the meeting that the decision by the board of Massachusetts would really started to answer the wanna about whether officials are serious Nitrogen in there is chats and um some of the board members of responded we're kind of in a situation here where we've got affordable housing on one deploy and the environment on the other hand, and we have to make a decision.

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They're moving Massachuserts from kind of traditional title five because they say Deployed doesn't. Basically under this higher density and this was a really wanna story. Special permits or whatever is needed to put a chat in and then after awhile you know, town officials start to look at in area and they say, well all this stuff is there already, but our laws are bylaw sir, whatever don't allow it except by the special permits appearances, let's write that and make it kind of more akin to what's reality um so that's what they're doing Massachusetts enough the vice chair, vice President of the town Council, Jim crocker law, is also the chairman of the subcommittee that kind Chatham went through this.

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I think that the night before to be there for ' March on Capitol Hill. We have the town came out in full armour. Six bridges going over the past River which are in the state of disrepair.

Deployed Chatham Massachusetts wanna chat

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