When your dealership is serious about EVs…

General Motors requires that any dealership that sells the Bolt EV must have a DC Fast Charger. It does not require that it get installed.DCFCThe charger is over $10K in cost and, at least in the case of Classic Chevrolet, where I work, the additional service we had to bring in more than doubled the project cost.

I’m happy to report that ours was installed this week. I’ve been keeping my inventory charged for test drives and purchase, on our multiple Level 2 chargers. Now, I’m looking forward to the next batch of Bolt EVs to arrive, so I can try this baby out!

One thought on “When your dealership is serious about EVs…

  1. That’s great! The commitment is why I bought from you guys and why I always recommend the dealer to others.

    I’d like to see some BEV-friendly Chevy dealers get together and sponsor some charging infrastructure along major highways! 😉

    A few stations 50 miles outside of Houston and 50 miles outside of Dallas for instance.

    Or a few stations halfway between Dallas and other cities like Austin, OKC and Shreveport.

    Could be funded by selling advertisements at the stations, rolling a small amount of the costs into each plug-in sale, or selling pre-filled charge cards at a discounted rate to new EV buyers.

    Maybe some day something like this will happen once EVs really take off and DCFC prices drop further.

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