Well, what are we waiting for?

VTrux grilleI’ve told many clients that if GM offered a Volt-like plug-in hybrid (or fully electric) pickup truck, I’d be a rich man. The rich part, of course, is in jest, but it would mean a serious uptick in plug-in vehicle adoption, in my humble opinion. Imagine a fully electric Chevy Colorado…

The dealership I work for, Classic Chevrolet, is the North Texas service center for Via Motors‘ extended range pickup truck. I’ve been waiting, since Spring of 2014, for the ability to sell one of their trucks. I’ve ridden in one. It was a full-sized Chevy Silverado, crew cab and it was wonderful. Still, I wait…VTrux

Now, several electric trucks have been announced, by various manufacturers. Here are a few:

It is obvious that there are manufacturers that want to pursue this market. For the 2018 model year, Chevy is introducing the eAssist Silverado, a V8-powered “mild hybrid” (think Malibu Hybrid, not Volt). It is estimated to get an estimated 13% increase in fuel economy, compared to a non-hybrid Silverado.

When will this market take shape???VTrux solar

3 thoughts on “Well, what are we waiting for?

  1. My dad has asked about Via Motors every couple of months ever since I first mentioned it to him years ago. At the time I had told him they eventually planned to eventually sell to consumers.

    Quite disappointing that they haven’t yet. I guess since it is a conversion and is incredibly low volume, they have decided that only fleet sales make sense?

    Do the Via Motors trucks ever end up on sale in the secondary market?

    • When we signed up as their North Texas Service Center, back in April 2014, I was told they’d be selling to the general public, “in about a year.” I’ve ridden in one but have yet to drive one myself. I have two customers that would place an order, the day we are able to place them. This is what Texas needs, to get behind the EV revolution completely.

      • Perhaps if you called a V.P. at Via and told him or her that you have customers waiting to buy one, it might encourage them to begin consumer sales.

        Could the hold up be related to the franchising issue or something else not apparent?

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