National Drive Electric Week 2017 #NDEW2017

It’s that time of year again: It’s National Drive Electric Week! Well…actually, it starts on September 9th and goes through the 17th. As bookends to the week, I will be at the NDEW2017 gathering at Grapevine Mills Mall on Saturday, September 9th. Form 10:00AM until noon, there will be a gathering of plug-in vehicle owners, supporters and the EV-curious. It’s a;ways a good time and I’ll have the Chevy Bolt EV and Volt with me.

On the last day of NDEW2017, Sunday the 17th, I will have Bolt EVs at “Run with the Sun,” in Irving, Texas. At that event, I plan to take people on test drives. There’s nothing like “butts in seats” to prove how great EVs are!Run with the SunI hope to see you at these great events!

3 thoughts on “National Drive Electric Week 2017 #NDEW2017

  1. While the transition to EVs drags along here, China is going to require that automakers build a percentage of “new energy vehicles” every year or buy credits from competitors who have an excess of the credits. The mandates are aggressive too: 8% of all vehicle sales must be hybrid, plug-in, or electric vehicles for 2018, 10% for 2019, and 12% for 2020.

    We may see the auto companies here get more serious about EVs simply because the Chinese are forcing them to build them for their market.

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