Facts About My Chevy Volt

First, advantages for my bank account:

When running on electricity, my Volt gets the dollar equivalent of 113 MILES PER GALLON!

  • 40 miles of driving costs $1.10 for electricity.
  • Gas currently costs at least $2.35 per gallon
  • $2.35 ÷ $1.10 = 3, so filling my battery 2.14 times costs about the same as a gallon of gas
  • 2.14 X 53 miles = 113 miles

When running on gasoline, my Volt gets 43 MPG. (yes, the Volt can run on either gas or electricity and switches automatically to gas once the battery is empty)

You can drive a Volt like any gasoline-powered car. You NEVER have to plug it in, unless you want the savings electric driving can give you…

In my first year of 2017 Volt ownership, I bought gasoline twice, on March 4th and August 10th, but drove 14,312 miles. Half of the 2nd tank was still in the car at the 1st year’s end!

Second, advantages for my country:

If all of us drove plug-in electric vehicles, our dependence on foreign oil would be over. Soldiers would not have to go to war to protect our access to oil.

Third, advantages for the environment:

When my Volt is running on electricity, it generates zero pollution. None. Zilch. Nada.

But what about the pollution created by the electric company? I get my electricity from a company that only sells wind- or solar-generated electricity. However, even if I bought my electricity from a coal burning power plant, the pollution created by that power plant, to generate the amount of electricity my Volt uses, would be less pollution than a gas-powered car generates! **UPDATE** NOW WE HAVE SOLAR PANELS, SO…

My Chevy Volt

My 2017 Chevy Volt

4 thoughts on “Facts About My Chevy Volt

  1. I appreciate your summary as I’m considering EVs. Can you tell me your cost for electricity ($/kwh) so I can make a valid comparison for my circumstances? Any other resources you recommend in considering EV economics?

    • My electric rate is 8.9¢ per kWh. A full charge on my Volt, plus conditioning, requires about 12.8 kWh. So, to fill the battery is about $1.14. That charge will take me about 40 miles.

      GreenCarReports.com, GoElectricDrive.com, and ElectricGeneration.com are all good sources for EV/hybrid news and economics.

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