EV Day!

EV Day

My wife, Bonnie called me to say she’d seen disturbing news about the Nissan Leaf. It was widely reported that Leaf owners in Arizona were complaining that their driving range had, in some cases, decreased to only 20 miles. It was theorized that the exceptionally hot Summer we were experiencing was the cause of the problem and that their range would return to normal, once temperatures came down in the Autumn.

As I mentioned before, my daily commute is 38 miles, so I just could not risk it. I truly grasped the definition of “range anxiety” at a gut level. The Chevy Volt, having the option of using the gasoline engine to provide electricity to the drive train seemed a smarter way to go, for me at least.

So I leased one.Buzz Volt Day 1

Volt 2

My Volt is a 2012 model with the optional trim package that included leather seats. From this point on, this blog will chronicle my experiences with the Volt, including whether my cost estimates were overly optimistic or not, how charging is going, and my experiences driving a (mostly) electric vehicle.

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