Dark clouds on the horizon.

IRS logoAccording to an article posted by Green Car Reports today, the Federal Income Tax Credit for plug-in vehicles may be in danger of being eliminated prematurely. Based on the picks that have been made to head up departments like the EPA, Department of Energy, etc, this could be a very real threat.

There are two courses of action:

  • If you’ve been considering a plug-in vehicle, you may want to purchase or lease one before the end 2017.
  • If you’re opposed to this action, contact your elected representative and make your voice heard!

5 thoughts on “Dark clouds on the horizon.

  1. If the costs of batteries were lower, we wouldn’t need the tax incentives.

    Any idea why batteries costs aren’t falling faster?

    • Oh but they are! Think about this: Just a few years ago (actually even now) an EV that could go 200 miles on a charge cost $70K (Tesla Model S). Now the Chevy Bolt does that and starts around $37,500! The market’s expectations have gone way up, along with EV capability. No one will consider a pure EV that gets only 80 miles per charge!

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