What Drives Us podcast

I had a GREAT time, last night, being interviewed on the What Drives Us video podcast. I am in episode #244, which hasn’t been posted yet.

I wish I’d found this podcast a long time ago. If you’re into EVs or hybrids, check this show out!

You can find them here on Facebook, here on their website or here on iTunes. It has shown up on YouTube.

Many thanks to last night’s What Drives Us panel: Russell Frost (Prius owner), Dr. Evan Fusco (Prius/Tesla owner), Tony Schaefer (Prius owner), Patrick Connor (Chevy S10 EV previous owner, Now a Leaf owner), Mark Coughlan (Volt owner) and Paul Guzyk (uh, Paul: What do you drive?).

Four years of friendship started by the Volt (video)

Buzz, Mike and PatronFour years ago, I needed a place to stay, while driving my Volt across the country from DFW to the Chicago Auto Show. Several people offered me refuge, but I ended up staying at Dr. G. Michael Murphy’s home, on the way there and again on the way back. (I accidentally sideswiped his Volt with mine, as a way of saying, “Thanks!”…D’Oh!!!)
He got a Volt before I did.
He got solar panels before I did.

He got an electric lawn mower before I did.

BUT, I got a building dedicated to EV and Hybrid Vehicle sales before he did!Electric Avenue

Nyah Nyan Na Na Na!!!Hybrid / EV Sales Center
It’s been a great 4 year friendship. Thanks Mike!!!

Enthusiasm for Volt…IN TEXAS!!!

TXGarageThe other day at work, one of my colleagues escorted a man toward me and I heard him say, “This is the guy you need to talk to.”

The only times I hear that, is when someone needs help with Apple CarPlay or want to ask about the Chevy Volt.

The man with my friend was David Boldt, Managing Editor of TXGarage, a relatively new automotive blog, based in the DFW area. We sat down at my desk and discussed all things Volt and how I came to be such a fanboy.

The next thing I know, I see this enthusiastic review!

The end is near **UPDATED!!!**

The End Is NearI’ve mentioned the coming end of the Texas’ Light-Duty Motor Vehicle Purchase or Lease Incentive (LDPLI) Program before. With only one week left in the program, I was interviewed by Texas Public Radio in order to inform the public about the program’s demise. The interview may be heard here.


Texas has extended the rebate program until July 8th!!!Extension!