A journey of a thousand miles…

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

August 3rd, 2012, five years and ten days ago, I took that first real step, into the life I’m enjoying today.

this morning, I was going through some old emails and found a reminder of how my electric vehicle journey began. It all started with me reaching out to Jerry Reynolds of Car Pro Radio Networks to ask advice. He had given me great advice before, so I was going back to the well.

Here’s my email to him:

Email #1Jerry’s reply:email #2(Note: The GM Jerry mentioned, Eric Bryant, was the guy who commented, 14 months later, that I should be working at Classic Chevrolet! Hank, my current manager, hired me a few days after Eric’s comment was made, even though I had no car sales experience.)

My update to Jerry:email #3

Not knowing anything about blogging, I started blogging almost immediately, because of my love for my new car. (Be nice!)

His final reply:These days, I am a recognized EV and hybrid sales expert at Classic Chevrolet and working alongside another great EVangelist, Tim Stewart, in a building dedicated to EV and hybrid vehicle sales and education, that we’ve nicknamed “Electric Avenue.”

On the day Electric Avenue opened, Jerry interviewed me about it.

And it all started with the single step of asking advice about a car…

One thought on “A journey of a thousand miles…

  1. Well happy ann-EV-ersary to you and your Volts!

    I hope things continue to go well for you and Tim! I have now seen a few other Bolts on the road (besides mine) and I want to see dozens more! Let’s get a move on Dallas, get out there and buy more EVs! Chop chop!

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