2016 Volt availability???

No Volts For You!Over the last few days, other EV blogs and Volt fans have reached out to me (since I work at a Chevy dealership) to see what I know about 2016 Volt availability. This was spurred by Inside EVs breaking the news that 39 states will never see the 2016 Volt sold within their borders. The story included a screenshot of what was supposed to be the timeline page of the 2016 Volt Playbook. I logged onto my General Motors account to check on this and everything I could find showed the original 2016 Volt timeline, which showed nationwide production of the Volt to begin in October.

This morning, the info in the 2016 Volt Playbook has been updated to reflect the Inside EVs scoop and Torque News has reported on it as well.

I had been holding out hope that I would be able to get a 2016 Volt before December 31st, in order to claim the income tax credit next year. To get that credit that now, I’d have to either a) buy a current-model Volt or b) find a dealership in a CARB state (Oregon, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Vermont and New Hampshire) that will sell and ship a Volt to me. Neither of these are acceptable to me. I am not going to buy a Volt from a competitor and I really, really want the new model.

In the various Volt groups on Facebook, there are many others like me who are perturbed.

Now my thoughts have switched to the 2017 and these questions arise:

  • Why is the 2016 ending so early and the 2017 starting production in February 2016?
  • Is it possible that General Motors has been listening to owners and decided to add features we’ve been begging for (i.e. faster Level 2 charging, Synergy Green paint or a convertible)?
  • Would I buy the latest Apple device if I thought a new, improved device would be introduced after only 5 months?
  • Why all the secrecy???


11 thoughts on “2016 Volt availability???

  1. The ’17 Volt will have the following:

    New Color: Citron Green Metallic
    now also has Android Auto
    and Adaptive Cruise Control

  2. “Would I buy the latest Apple device if I thought a new, improved device would be introduced after only 5 months?”

    Of course not.

    Wait for the 2017.

    Major SNAFU on GM’s part.

  3. “features we’ve been begging for (i.e. faster Level 2 charging . . . )”

    Volts don’t have fast charging capability, e.g. 80% charge in 20 minutes? If so, that’s a major oversight.

    Are there several incompatible fast charging standards? If so, what are they?


  4. Thanks for posting this. I don’t keep up with the Volt news details, so I probably wouldn’t have heard before NDEW DFW otherwise. However, now I’m not sure what to say to people there.

    Re. fast charging: I still believe the original hype that GM’s thinking is that if everyone in most neighborhoods plugged in a fast charging EV at the same time, it would require upgrading the local distribution grid, so for an extended range EV 12A is a reasonable compromise.

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